Classic Leasing and Finance Ltd:

A Company listed in the stock exchange Classic Leasing and Finance Limited has contributed to the nation’s growth to a considerable extent. It has accelerated the leasing and hire purchase of vehicles towards a diverse domain with an outstanding reputation in its arena. With the fast growth in the concept of Hire purchase of commercial vehicles which is the principal activity of the enterprise, the business of CLFL has also flourished over the time.

CLFL is now gearing up to diversify into other dimensions of finance like banking & insurance sectors which will also form a major part of the business of the Company. Insurance Broking Services from the Company will concentrate on providing the best and concurrent alternatives to the insured with the help of well versed & professionally trained workforce, insurance consultancy and risk management services, requisite underwriting information to decide the pricing terms and conditions for cover along with the assistance in paying premiums and helping them in the speedy and hassle free claim settlement thereby promoting the customer satisfaction to the highest possible extent.

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