Looking in the mirror

An outstanding entity for over one and a half century – The Kohinoor Group has crossed several milestones of success since its inception. Today the group has established itself as a multifaceted emergent business corporate, developing a comprehensive portfolio of assets proudly poised in the manufacturing, trading & finance sectors.

With successful operations in India and Nepal – the group has surpassed the turnover of Rs.1500 crores providing employment to over 5000 workforce. The persistent endeavor to bring out the best has made the group a leader in the industrial sector, thereby enabling it to manufacture products of outstanding quality.

With more than seventeen manufacturing units, the output is a spectrum of diverse product range, from cooking oil to mineral water, solvent oil to fruit juices. The launch of the biggest cold storage has penned a new success story while the automobiles division triumphed by holding the top rank. The esteem is upheld by its import division with various products of international repute. Kohinoor Group is also playing a key role in financial & investment sector of Nepal. It has promoted banking & life insurance business too.

Turning the wheel

The experience in successful diversified industrial operations has gifted Kohinoor Group the leading edge in the FMGC, F & B and agro sectors of the nation. With the state-of-art manufacturing units, the group is now an indispensable part in a number of domestic segments. Food grains, oil, steel, paper, automobiles, fertilizers, imports, cold storage facilities –the list mirrors effort to widen the reach.

And through the telescope

With the huge growth and advancement that has taken place in the last few decades, India has become a global business platform for many, especially for companies like the Kohinoor Group. Aspiration to become a national leader, establishing benchmark for value creation and corporate citizenship are the primary targets of the group since its establishment, It aims to develop leading edge solutions in technology, processes and products, It focuses on fostering teamwork, nurturing talents, enhancing leadership capability and acting with pace, pride and passion. The endeavour is to make India a brighter and affluent world leader in near future.

Our Flagship Companies are:

. Kohinoor Steel(P) Ltd .
. Kohinoor Paper and Newsprint (P) Ltd.
. Kohinoor Pulp & Paper (P) Ltd. 
. Kohinoor Power (P) Ltd.
. Kohinoor Hydro Energy (P) Ltd.
. Kohinoor Infrastructure (P) Ltd.
. Kohinoor Limes (P) Ltd.
. Kohinoor Minerals & Mining (P) Ltd.
. Classic Leasing & Finance Ltd.
. Medenirai Coal Mining (P) Ltd.
. Narmada Minerals & Mines (P) Ltd.


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